March 27, 2023

5 Small AND Affordable Decor Rentals for Your Next Event in 2023

When it comes to planning your big day, many couples find themselves overflowing with over-the-top dreams of glamour and opulence. We’re here for those dreams, and love working in decor rental in Vancouver with couples who ultimately opt for pursuing splendour, but we also want to advocate for the smaller, generally more affordable decor options out there. One of our favourite parts of being a full-service wedding design and Vancouver event rentals service is that we can help couples find the sweet spot that fits their budget and their dreams, and is gorgeous all at the same time. 

Whether you’re right at the start of your wedding planning journey - perhaps still Googling “wedding decorator near me” - or have your venue already picked out and your save-the-dates sent already, it’s always a good time to be thinking about what vibe you want to feel on your big day. To help guide you, we’ve put together this list of our four favourite “event decor vancouver” items. Read on to get the scoop on wedding decor rentals from our team of wedding professionals! 

1. Wedding arch rental Vancouver

Does anything make wedding bells ring in your mind more than a wedding arch? We love arches - from traditional floral arches to more modern geometric arches, the romance of wedding arches add so much to the scene and feel of a ceremony setting. They change a ceremony venue from being a venue to being a real wedding setting.

At Elle Weddings, we have a wide variety of wedding arch rentals to choose from. We have traditional, simple wooden arches - these are perfect for rustic or natural settings (especially when paired with draped linen sashes or adorned with florals), and more modern arches that double as canvases for floral displays and more. Some of our arches aren’t even technically arches at all, but rather are geometric shapes and backdrops (like our famous diamond or circle)- read more about these below. 

Why do arches make our list of top wedding decor rentals Vancouver? So many reasons! They’re versatile! They create a scene out of a space. They make your wedding photos pop. They offer a point of interest for guests who are waiting for your grand walk down the aisle. They serve as another opportunity to develop a vibe, or a theme, or a colour scheme.

Another fun idea with wedding arches - if you’re planning a bachelorette party, seek one of these or our flower wall options  from your source for party rentals vancouver, find some props, and make a selfie spot for the guests - it’ll add to the wedding-prep feeling, and be a great, memorable addition! 

2. Chiffon Sashes Rentals Vancouver

If you’re looking for multi-purpose sashes that turn regular chairs into beautiful, adorned art for seating, sashes are the way to go. Whether they’re wrapped around delicate Chiavari chairs or twined through a backdrop, swaths of linens add interest and softness to the setting. 

One of our favourite ways to decorate the aisle at the ceremony site is to affix a sash to the aisle side of each aisle chair and add a pop of greenery. We find these simple, lovely decorations perfect for outdoor and chapel ceremonies alike. 

At Elle Weddings, we have blush, turquoise, and white chiffon sashes available for rental. Visit our rental collection page for details. 

3. Backdrop Rental Vancouver

If you’ve visited our Instagram page, you know how in love we are with the world of possibilities that greets couples when they start exploring wedding decor Vancouver. For backdrops especially, the options are endless. Our favourite type of backdrop is the grid

Grid backdrops are amazing - they allow us to mix florals and sashes with a contemporary, industrial feel that results in a vibe all its own. The best part? Our grid backdrop’s height and width can be adjusted to fit spaces of all sizes! Set this up behind your cake table, or as the arch, or use it as a seating assignment display - the options really are endless. 

4. Pipe and drape rentals

If you’re planning to hold your reception in a ballroom that might not have been updated for a few decades, pipe and draping is a type of backdrop rental in Vancouver that offers you a quick, painless, and budget-friendly solution. It’s basically adding closed curtains that smooth out the walls, make the space more elegant, and keep the attention on the celebrations at hand.

Here at Elle Weddings, we offer linens (single and double layer backdrops, as well as linens), and arch draping. Our fabric draping is semi-transparent and has the appearance of delicate fabrics, perfect for adding visual interest to a background or covering a bright, ceiling-height window.  

5. Table linen rentals Vancouver

Achieve a stunning table design with our specialty table linen rentals. From pink rosette linens to sequins and lace, renting table linens (instead of purchasing your own) just makes sense. Whether you keep things simple with candles to round out your tablescapes or add florals and votives as centrepieces, having elegant linens is something your guests will notice and appreciate while they enjoy your celebration. 

Table rentals Vancouver and table linen rentals Vancouver are budget-friendly additions to elevate your wedding reception. You can view our range of table linens on our rental collections page - we carry everything from white, plum, peach, grey, and blush rosette linens to light purple, silver, and white sequins, as well as linens with lace and petals. 


From wedding arch rentals and table rentals to your cake tier stand rental, we are here to make your wedding decor rentals and design process stress-free, exciting, easy on your budget - and to create beauty in the end. We are here to hear and support your dreams and to gush over all the details. Our passion is celebrating love, and when we create a space that makes your jaws drop when you see it, we’ve achieved our goal.



Leslie was organized, efficient, worked with what we wanted, easy to communicate with, and so lovely to work with. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to plan our wedding! She is super knowledgeable about all of the best deals and vendors in the area and was able to create our dream vision with our budget. She took a lot of things off our plate with handling the vendors and everything on the special day making it stress free. On top of taking on all of these responsibilities, she was always so quick to respond. Leslie is the best and we will miss working with her!

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Leslie helped to ensure our wedding day was amazing. She is attentive, responsive, flexible, and always smiling. Working with her was a pleasure and we'd highly recommend working with her. My husband and I were able to just enjoy the day while she took care of all the details on the day of, guiding us with a smile and always showing her caring attitude. As the day passed by me as a blur, I remember Leslie always busy working to make sure the details were perfect. Very grateful to have found her and for the work and love she put into our wedding. Thanks Leslie!