July 17, 2023

Drawing Inspiration: How a Vancouver Wedding Decorator Transforms Ideas into Dream Weddings

Vancouver weddings are an unforgettable celebration of love and unity, and the setting for this important milestone should be just as memorable. The role of a wedding decorator in this process is as pivotal as it is magical. In Vancouver, a city of scenic beauty, these artists work tirelessly to weave unique tales of love into every corner of the wedding venue, transforming it from a mere space into a unique representation of the couple's love story.

From the grandest themes to the smallest of details, Vancouver wedding decorators create a symphony of aesthetics, ensuring that the couples' personalities shine through every element. The key to such personalised and captivating decorations lies in drawing inspiration from various sources, leading to the creation of decors that are as unique as the couples themselves.

Vancouver Wedding Stories

Every couple has a distinct story, a unique journey that leads them to their wedding day. This narrative can serve as a profound source of inspiration for Vancouver wedding decorators. By weaving elements of their story into the wedding decor, Vancouver decorators can create a setup that is deeply personal and truly one-of-a-kind. For instance, when Kristy Fantham decided on a black and white Hollywood glam theme, reflecting her love for the classic cinema era, her wedding was transformed into a magnificent spectacle, leaving her guests enthralled.

Cultural and Family Traditions

The richness of cultural and familial traditions can bring an additional layer of depth and significance to wedding decor. Whether it's an intricately woven tapestry or a custom that symbolises good fortune, incorporating these elements into the wedding decor can make the event resonate deeply with the couple and their families. Marina, a past client, praised this aspect, acknowledging how Leslie smoothly incorporated multiple recommendations or solutions into her wedding day, creating a truly memorable event.

Vancouver Wedding Trends

While personal stories and traditions add a personal touch, keeping an eye on current wedding trends is equally important. Incorporating trending themes, colour schemes, and wedding decor elements help make the wedding stylish and contemporary. Leslie’s ability to offer couples a variety of modern options and quotes helped them make informed decisions, thereby ensuring their wedding is up-to-date yet timeless.

Seasonal Elements

The time of year, too, plays an essential role in shaping Vancouver wedding decor. From warm, rich hues in the autumn to vibrant blossoms in the spring, each season comes with its palette and mood. Leslie has experience using these elements to her advantage, creating a harmony between the wedding and its temporal context.

III. The Transformation Process

Vancouver Wedding Planner’s Process

A. Consultation Phase

The journey from concept to reality begins with an in-depth consultation to understand the couple's vision. It's in this phase that Leslie spends time learning about the couple's story, their likes and dislikes, their dream wedding vision. As noted by Carmen, this stage was filled with "so much fun and laughter," making it an enjoyable process, not just a professional one.

B. Design Phase

Once the initial consultation has taken place, the wedding decorator begins the fascinating process of converting inspiration into actual designs. Combining the elements from personal stories, traditions, trends, and seasonal inspirations, they sketch out a design that captures the couple's vision effectively.

C. Collaboration Phase

To bring this design to life, Vancouver wedding decorators also collaborate with many other vendors, from florists, to dance floor installation teams, to lighting professionals. By building a good rapport with these partners, wedding decorators ensure smooth execution of the plan. As Edmond noted, Leslie’s professionalism and responsiveness significantly contributed to the wedding’s success.

D. Execution Phase

The final step is to bring this collaborative vision to life at the venue. This phase involves the meticulous installation of the wedding decor, ensuring every detail aligns with the couple's vision. Clients like Natalie Suen have expressed gratitude for this stage, where all the meticulous planning and coordination culminate in an unforgettable celebration.

Case Studies of a Vancouver Wedding

When it comes to illustrating the magic behind transforming ideas into dream weddings, there's no better source than the experiences shared by the clients of Elle Weddings, a Vancouver wedding decorator. Their vivid recounts affirm the stunning work Leslie, the brains behind Elle Weddings, is capable of creating.

A recent wedding in Vancouver exemplified how Leslie, from Elle Weddings, transformed a couple's dream into reality. With a dual-venue arrangement and unconventional ceremony location, Natalie and her husband placed their trust in Leslie and her team. Leslie drew inspiration from the couple's journey, current trends, and seasonal elements, creating a truly unique experience that allowed the couple to relax and enjoy their celebration fully.

One of our recent clients, Kristy had an unfortunate last minute venue cancellation just one week out from her wedding date and was able to find another venue that luckily had availability. We reworked the details while also keeping her vision in mind!!  In the client’s words, "Leslie was an absolute delight to collaborate with. Walking into the venue and seeing the breathtaking floral arrangements and wedding decor was a moment I'll never forget. She not only brought my vision to life but exceeded every expectation." Kristy also highlighted Leslie's knack for clear communication and providing options, which aided in stress-free decision making.

Another couple, Marina and her partner, praised Leslie for her flexibility and unwavering support during a challenging planning period. Amidst changing circumstances due to the pandemic, they noted, "Over three years of continuous date adjustments, Leslie was consistently understanding and helpful. She was a pillar of support, handling everything from vendor recommendations to logistics." Not only was Leslie professional and responsive, but her exceptional organisational skills impressed their other vendors, proving her worth every penny.

Natalie and her husband share a similar sentiment, entrusting their entire day to Leslie's capable hands, despite having to manage multiple vendors and locations. They happily emphasised, "We did nothing but revel in our wedding, all thanks to Elle Weddings' meticulous coordination."

For Carmen and Lawrence, working with Leslie was a highlight in their journey to the altar. Carmen enthusiastically shared, "The overall experience was filled with fun and laughter. Leslie became our lifeline. She seamlessly managed all aspects of our wedding, ensuring a smooth flow that impressed all our guests."

Edmond Chew, a friend and client, was thrilled to rent draping, floral stands, golden easels, and a wooden signing table from Leslie. His words resonate with gratitude, "Leslie was a dream to work with. She coordinated flawlessly with my wedding coordinator, making my big day extra special."

Meanwhile, Dominic Lao emphasised the invaluable nature of Leslie's services. Initially sceptical about needing a planner, he admitted, "Our wedding day was perfect, all thanks to Leslie's hard work in the background to ensure everything ran smoothly."

Lastly, Adrienne Ibasco expressed her heartfelt thanks to Leslie for transforming her wedding day into a stress-free, enjoyable experience. In her words, "Leslie handled all communication professionally with our vendors and guests and made sure we were well taken care of. Our wedding day ran smoothly and it was perfect!"

Every single story and review shines a spotlight on the unparalleled dedication, creativity, and professionalism that Leslie brings to the table. These testimonials underscore her prowess in turning wedding dreams into unforgettable realities, making her a cherished figure in the industry.


Wedding decoration is an art, the canvas for which is the couple's love story and the wedding venue. Through inspiration drawn from personal stories, traditions, trends, and seasons, Vancouver wedding decorators such as Leslie, transform these spaces into dream weddings. Their work, as echoed by numerous satisfied couples, is crucial in creating an event that is not just visually stunning but also emotionally resonant. Leslie's exceptional work and dedication go beyond just decoration - she plays a pivotal role in creating unforgettable moments, and in turn, lifelong memories.



Leslie was organized, efficient, worked with what we wanted, easy to communicate with, and so lovely to work with. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to plan our wedding! She is super knowledgeable about all of the best deals and vendors in the area and was able to create our dream vision with our budget. She took a lot of things off our plate with handling the vendors and everything on the special day making it stress free. On top of taking on all of these responsibilities, she was always so quick to respond. Leslie is the best and we will miss working with her!

Mina and Dmitry


Leslie helped to ensure our wedding day was amazing. She is attentive, responsive, flexible, and always smiling. Working with her was a pleasure and we'd highly recommend working with her. My husband and I were able to just enjoy the day while she took care of all the details on the day of, guiding us with a smile and always showing her caring attitude. As the day passed by me as a blur, I remember Leslie always busy working to make sure the details were perfect. Very grateful to have found her and for the work and love she put into our wedding. Thanks Leslie!