June 15, 2023

Infusing Vancouver's Cityscape into Modern Wedding Decor

When it comes to planning a wedding in Vancouver, infusing the city's urban charm into modern Vancouver wedding decor can create a celebration that is both chic and reflective of the vibrant city. Vancouver offers a breathtaking cityscape, from its iconic landmarks to its contemporary venues, providing endless inspiration for a modern and stylish wedding. In this blog post, we will explore in detail how to incorporate Vancouver's cityscape into modern wedding decor, from iconic landmarks to contemporary venues, and urban-inspired details.

Incorporating Vancouver's Iconic Landmarks:

Vancouver boasts iconic landmarks that define its cityscape and serve as rich sources of inspiration for wedding decor. Drawing inspiration from these landmarks allows couples to infuse their wedding with a touch of urban charm unique to Vancouver. Consider incorporating elements from the stunning Vancouver skyline, the majestic Lions Gate Bridge, or the architectural marvel of Canada Place. For instance, you could feature a centerpiece adorned with miniature replicas of these landmarks or create custom signage that reflects their distinct silhouettes. By incorporating these iconic elements, you'll infuse your wedding decor with a sense of place that celebrates the beauty of Vancouver.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue:

To fully embrace the cityscape, selecting a contemporary venue is crucial. Vancouver offers a variety of venues that cater to modern aesthetics. Let's explore some of the notable venues that can serve as stunning backdrops for a modern city-inspired wedding.

  1. The Kent: Situated at 534 Cambie St, this new luxurious venue is a blank canvas waiting for someone to manipulate and create magic. With its clean lines and natural lights, this versatile space can be transformed to fit any wedding style, allowing you to incorporate city-inspired decor elements seamlessly.
  2. Arras Banquet and Event Space: Located at 1464 W 7th Ave,, Arras holds a main ballroom, a terrace to hold your ceremony against splendid westerly city views, and a piano cafe that’s excellent for a photo opp space or to hold cocktail hour or a tea ceremony. Its versatile space and edgy vibe make it a perfect choice for a modern city-inspired wedding.
  3. The Loft at Earls Yaletown: Found at 1095 Mainland Street, The Loft at Earls flaunts industrial brick walls that have been painted white, exposed wooden beams, 1940’s light fixtures and modern tiled floors, styled with a modern vintage loft feel for intimate cozy gatherings. 
  4. Brix & Mortar: Nestled at 1138 Homer Street, Brix & Mortar combines old-world charm with contemporary elegance. This heritage building features exposed brick walls, soaring ceilings, and a beautiful courtyard, offering a sophisticated setting for a modern city-inspired wedding. What I love most about Brix is how it leans towards industrial chic, with its giant skylights, glittering chandeliers, exposed brick walls and tons of greenery sprawled over the walls. 
  5. Pipe Shop: Situated at 115 Victory Ship Way, the Pipe Shop is a restored heritage building with an industrial-chic vibe. Its location on the waterfront provides panoramic views of the city skyline, offering a unique and stunning backdrop for a modern urban wedding. It is a similar to that of a giant warehouse with high ceilings and tons of natural light. 
  6. Shaughnessy Restaurant: Located at 5251 Oak Street, the Shaughnessy Restaurant is a mix of garden, restaurant, and industrial chic. With tons of windows you get natural light which in turn showcases all of the natural wood in the space. 
  7. The Permanent: Once home to the Bank of Canada on 330 West Pender St., The Permanent is now a landmark building and space filled with glam and heritage. The main features I love so much about this venue are the exquisite crown moulding details, the beautiful stained glass ceiling, the crystal  door knobs, the carefully selected tiling mosaic of the floors, and the infamous  bank vault which is often used as the focal point in photos. 
  8. The Settlement Building: Found at 397 Alexander Street, The Settlement Building is an urban winery that offers a unique setting for a modern wedding. Its industrial-inspired design, combined with a winery ambiance, creates a distinctive backdrop for a city-inspired celebration.
  9. Chambar: Located at 568 Beatty Street, Chambar is known for its stylish interiors, exquisite cuisine, and vibrant ambiance. This sophisticated venue provides a cosmopolitan setting to bring your city-inspired wedding vision to life.

When choosing a venue, consider the architecture, ambiance, and surrounding views to ensure it aligns with your vision of a modern city-inspired wedding. These contemporary venues offer the perfect canvas for infusing Vancouver's cityscape into your wedding decor.

Incorporating Urban-Inspired Details:

To fully embrace Vancouver's cityscape, incorporate urban-inspired details throughout your wedding decor. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Modern Colour Palette: Select a colour palette that reflects the vibrancy of the city. Opt for a combination of bold and neutral colours, such as shades of grey, metallic accents, and pops of vibrant hues like cobalt blue or vibrant orange. These colours can be incorporated into the table linens, floral arrangements, and other decor rentals to create a modern and urban aesthetic.
  2. Contemporary Tablescapes: Create sleek and modern tablescapes by incorporating minimalist table settings, geometric accents, and sleek glassware. Consider using acrylic or mirrored table runners for a modern touch, and incorporate subtle metallic accents through candle holders or cutlery. These contemporary details will elevate the overall look of your reception tables.
  3. City-Inspired Stationery: Make a statement with your wedding stationery by incorporating city-inspired elements. Consider using a minimalist design with simple and sleek typography with skyline illustrations. You can also incorporate modern graphics and patterns that reflect Vancouver's urban energy.
  4. Custom Signage: Personalise your wedding decor with custom signage that incorporates city-inspired elements. Whether it's a welcome sign using fonts that stand out or place cards with bold letters and designs, these details will add a unique touch to your wedding decor.
  5. Contemporary Lighting: Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a modern and urban ambiance. Incorporate contemporary lighting fixtures, such as geometric lights or cafe/Edison bulbs, to add a stylish and urban vibe to your wedding venue.
  6. City-Inspired Favours: Send your guests home with city-inspired favours that reflect Vancouver's culture and vibe. Consider mini bottles of locally crafted spirits, artisanal chocolates, or custom-made city maps as unique and memorable tokens of your celebration.

When planning a wedding in Vancouver, catering plays a significant role in creating a memorable experience for guests. To truly embrace the urban charm of the city, couples can explore Vancouver urban catering options and give it an urban twist. By incorporating trendy culinary concepts, modern presentation, and local flavours, couples can offer their guests a taste of Vancouver's vibrant food scene while adding a contemporary touch to their wedding reception.

One way to infuse an urban twist into catering is to collaborate with Vancouver's renowned food trucks. Food trucks have become a staple of the city's culinary culture, offering a diverse range of cuisines and creative dishes. Consider bringing in a selection of food trucks to cater your wedding reception, allowing guests to indulge in an array of flavours and enjoy the vibrant street food experience. From gourmet tacos to Asian fusion cuisine to artisanal ice cream, the options are endless. Food trucks not only provide a unique and interactive dining experience but also add a trendy and urban element to your wedding.


Incorporating food trucks into your wedding reception not only gives a nod to the lively city's culture, but it also creates a dynamic, urban ambiance that your guests will remember. Picture your guests mingling, sharing laughter, and stories over delectable handheld foods in an atmosphere that is relaxed yet still distinctly stylish. This fusion of food, culture, and the vibrancy of city life will make your wedding stand out, creating a memorable experience that is uniquely Vancouver.

Another way to incorporate an urban twist into catering is through creative food presentation. Opt for modern and visually appealing serving styles that reflect the city's contemporary dining scene. Consider interactive food stations where guests can customise their dishes or small plates and tapas-style servings that encourage guests to sample various flavours. Stylish and artistic plating techniques can elevate the dining experience, creating a feast for both the taste buds and the eyes. Work closely with your caterer to develop a menu that showcases Vancouver's local ingredients and flavours while incorporating modern presentation techniques to add that urban touch.

By exploring Vancouver's urban catering options and adding an urban twist, couples can create a wedding reception that is trendy, flavorful, and reflects the vibrant culinary scene of the city. Incorporating food trucks and creative food presentation techniques will not only leave a lasting impression on your guests but also showcase the unique character and spirit of Vancouver's urban dining culture.


Infusing Vancouver's cityscape into modern wedding decor allows couples to create a celebration that is both chic and reflective of the vibrant urban environment. By incorporating iconic landmarks, choosing contemporary venues, utilising modern colour palettes, and incorporating urban-inspired details, couples can design a wedding that captures the essence of Vancouver's urban charm. Personalised touches that reflect their connection to the city will add a unique and heartfelt touch. With the stunning venues mentioned, and the abundant inspiration that Vancouver offers, couples can create a truly memorable and stylish city-inspired wedding.



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