October 18, 2023

What is the Difference Between a Vancouver Wedding Decorator and a Wedding Planner?

In the husting vibrant city of Vancouver, the wedding industry is filled with creativity and meticulous planning. However, as a couple ready to step into the enchanting journey of marital celebration, there are blurred lines between the terms "Wedding Planner" and "Wedding Decorator". Distinguishing between a "Wedding Decorator Vancouver" and a "Wedding Planner Vancouver" is not a mere play of semantics but a crucial step towards ensuring that your wedding is a seamless blend of planning and aesthetic allure.

Defining the Planner and Decorator Roles

Wedding Planner Vancouver: The Conductor of Your Wedding Symphony

A Wedding Planner in Vancouver is akin to a maestro conducting a symphony, orchestrating each element to create a harmonious wedding day celebration.

B. Wedding Decorator Vancouver: The Artist of Your Wedding Canvas

A Wedding Decorator in Vancouver is the artist who colors your wedding canvas with shades of love, joy, and aesthetic appeal.

The collaboration between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Decorator in Vancouver is akin to a melody where each note is crucial for the symphony to resonate with beauty and harmony. At Elle Weddings, we wear both hats with a flair of expertise and a heart full of passion. Our comprehensive services in wedding planning and decoration are tailored to meet the distinctive desires and dreams of each couple, promising a celebration that’s as unforgettable as their love story.

Embarking on the journey of marital bliss is an exciting yet intricate endeavour. With the right team of a Wedding Planner and Decorator in Vancouver, your wedding day will not just be an event; it will be a poetic narrative of love, meticulously planned and beautifully decorated. At Elle Weddings, we are here to turn this beautiful chapter of your life into a memorable saga of love and celebration.

Key Differences (Wedding Planner V.S. Wedding Decorator)

Scope of Work

A Wedding Planner in Vancouver is akin to a general contractor in the construction industry. Their scope covers a vast spectrum of wedding planning aspects, ensuring everything from vendor coordination, budget management, to the execution of the event is seamless.

Contrarily, a Wedding Decorator Vancouver hones in on the aesthetic and tangible elements of the wedding. Their canvas is the venue, and their paint is the wedding decor elements that enhance the visual appeal of the event.

Expertise and Education

Wedding Planners come armed with a broader knowledge base. Their expertise lies in managing different aspects of a wedding, requiring a blend of organizational, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills.

On the flip side, Wedding Decorators often have a more specialized knowledge base rooted in design and decoration, making them the go-to experts for creating a visually enchanting ambiance.

Interaction with Other Vendors

Wedding Planners coordinate with a variety of vendors, from caterers and florists to photographers and entertainers, ensuring a harmonious orchestration of services for a smooth event.

Wedding Decorators, however, collaborate mainly with vendors related to aesthetics like florists, lighting, and rental companies to create a visually cohesive theme.

Wedding Timeline

The Wedding Timeline is a critical roadmap leading to the wedding day, on the day itself, and post-wedding activities. While the Wedding Planner oversees this timeline ensuring every milestone is hit, the Wedding Decorator is intensely involved closer to the event, bringing the visual dreams to life. The Wedding Decorator also needs to create their own timeline for the wedding day, but it is focused on the production of the wedding decor, the setup timeline and the teardown timeline. 

Making The Right Choice

Factors to Consider

When torn between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Decorator, consider your budget, the complexity of the event, and your personal preferences regarding design. Each role caters to different aspects of the wedding, and your choice could significantly impact the event’s success.

Benefits of Both Services

Employing both a Wedding Planner and Decorator could be a holistic approach, ensuring your wedding is impeccably planned and aesthetically pleasing.

Exploring the Aesthetic Dimension

The Role of Aesthetics in Wedding Planning

Aesthetics significantly contribute to creating memorable wedding experiences. It's the visual allure that leaves a lasting impression on the guests and creates a picturesque backdrop for your cherished wedding photos.

Wedding Decorator vs Wedding Stylist

While both roles cater to the aesthetic realm, a Wedding Decorator focuses on tangible decor elements like linens, lighting, and centrepieces.

A Wedding Stylist, however, delves deeper into the overall style, theme, and ambiance, ensuring a cohesive visual narrative that reflects the couple’s personality and love story.

These distinctions underline the pivotal roles both Wedding Planners and Decorators play in crafting a memorable wedding experience. At Elle Weddings, our seasoned planners and decorators in Vancouver collaborate, offering a blend of meticulous planning and creative decoration, ensuring your wedding is a beautiful, well-orchestrated event.

Exploring the Aesthetic Dimension

The Role of Aesthetics in Wedding Planning

Aesthetics is the essence that transforms a mere event into a mesmerising experience. It’s the colour palette that paints the emotions, the decor that sets the ambiance, and the thematic coherence that tells a story. A wedding imbued with thoughtful aesthetics resonates with memorable vibrancy, leaving a lasting imprint on the hearts of the couple and their guests.

Wedding Decorator vs Wedding Stylist

Nuanced Differences and Similarities: A Wedding Decorator in Vancouver is your tangible dream-weaver, bringing to life the visual aspects of your wedding. On the other hand, a Wedding Stylist is akin to an aesthetic consultant, conceptualising the overall style, theme, and ambiance. While decorators delve into the tactile decor, stylists envision the broader aesthetic narrative.

Aesthetic Appeal: Both roles are instrumental in creating a visually stunning wedding. Decorators craft the tangible aesthetics, while stylists ensure a cohesive and compelling visual storyline.

Real-world Scenarios

Role Selection

Wedding Decorator: If your heart flutters at the thought of captivating centerpieces and themed decor, a Wedding Decorator is your go-to expert.

Wedding Planner: When the checklist of wedding prep seems like a mountain, a Wedding Planner is the sherpa guiding you through.

Both: For a grand celebration or a themed wedding, having both a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Decorator ensures a well-coordinated and visually enchanting event.

Anecdotes and Testimonials

Sharing real-life experiences can provide tangible insights. For instance, a testimonial from a couple who had a seamless experience with both a planner and decorator could underline the complementary value of these roles.

Questions to Consider

A. Decision Checklist



Personal Preference:



Vendor Relationships:

Stress Management:

Theme and Style:

Venue Restrictions:


These questions are designed to help couples reflect on their needs, preferences, and circumstances as they consider the services of a wedding planner, a wedding decorator, or both. Each question aims to bring clarity and assist in making informed decisions for a joyous and well-coordinated wedding celebration.


The distinctions between a Vancouver Wedding Planner and a Wedding Decorator in Vancouver are as clear as day, each playing a pivotal role in orchestrating a successful wedding. Understanding these roles is the first step towards a well-planned and visually captivating wedding celebration.

This comprehensive exploration offers a clear lens into the distinct roles of a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Decorator, guiding couples in making informed decisions for their wedding preparations. At Elle Weddings, we are dedicated to making your wedding a cherished chapter in your love story.



Leslie was organized, efficient, worked with what we wanted, easy to communicate with, and so lovely to work with. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to plan our wedding! She is super knowledgeable about all of the best deals and vendors in the area and was able to create our dream vision with our budget. She took a lot of things off our plate with handling the vendors and everything on the special day making it stress free. On top of taking on all of these responsibilities, she was always so quick to respond. Leslie is the best and we will miss working with her!

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Leslie helped to ensure our wedding day was amazing. She is attentive, responsive, flexible, and always smiling. Working with her was a pleasure and we'd highly recommend working with her. My husband and I were able to just enjoy the day while she took care of all the details on the day of, guiding us with a smile and always showing her caring attitude. As the day passed by me as a blur, I remember Leslie always busy working to make sure the details were perfect. Very grateful to have found her and for the work and love she put into our wedding. Thanks Leslie!