May 28, 2020

What's in my Wedding Day Emergency Kit?

Photo by Shari + Mike Photography

We’ve all heard the saying“everything will work out”, right? As wedding planners, we don't want to rely on this kind of hope on anyone’s special day. We want to prevent smoke from happening with the use of an amazing set of tools, also known as our wedding day emergency kit essentials.

When I first started out in the wedding industry as a coordinator, it never occurred to me to make any type of emergency kit. I would buy the basics only, throw them in a bag and leave it all in the trunk of my car until I needed to use it. It wasn’t until I took a course in school that made me realize that I was not prepared at all for an emergency. Over the years, my emergency kit has grown and so will yours with more experience. With almost every wedding there is a new emergency and something new will be added to your kit every time.


If you google “wedding day emergency kit”, you’ll find lists and lists of similar items such as sewing kits, bobby pins, and hairspray, but what about the less obvious items?


In today’s post I will reveal the important items of what I carry in my bag of tricks so that you can be prepared for anything and everything that can happen on any event day, especially if you do not have a wedding planner or coordinator to assist you. The items are low cost, easy to find, and versatile enough so that you can use them for a variety of different scenarios. Some items such as lash glue, mascara or any type of make-up will have to be replaced after each use.


How Do I Store my Tools?

Everything goes into a medium sized roller suitcase which I divide and organize into the compartments. The smaller important essentials usually go on the outside pockets for easy access such as bobby pins, eyelash glue, sewing needles, make-up, office supplies. I also create smaller kits in small totes so that I can carry it while I’m running around for the most needed items! Remember that whether you are the bride or a wedding planner, it is so important to have a suitcase WITH WHEELS and less buttons/zippers to hold your emergency kit essentials so that you can easily wheel it around and store it somewhere safe during the day.


Photo by Ame Collective Inc.

The Not-So-Obvious Essentials:

Advil: I usually recommend bringing Advil because it’s safer to mix with alcohol than it is with Tylenol.

Spray Bottle: For the hot days when the flowers need a splash

Fishing Wire: Most useful thing to have for hanging, tying, and securing items

Bug/Mosquito Spray: For those outdoor grassy lawns and trees.

Sunscreen: For yourself and for guests who may ask

Drinking Straws: When lipstick makes it hard to drink from the rim

Printed Reserved Seating Signs: Something that is often overlooked.

Socks (Black and Nude)

Collapsible Easel: Some venues carry easels so old and ugly that you cannot use them.

Portable Steamer: a small one to quickly fix those wrinkles come in handy!

Mini Speakers: No DJ? This may come in handy in case there are technical difficulties.


Photo by Will Pursel Photography

The basics:


Sticky Notes

Tape: Scotch, duct, painters, packing, electrical, masking

Sewing Kit: needle, thread, safety pin, elastic

Make-up kit: travel size is best as you'll need to replace them after one use for hygienic reasons.

Portable steamerx

First Aid Kit: Band aids, alcohol swabs, q-tips, bandage wrap, etc.


Hair gel

Dry Shampoo

Deodorant (Clear or spray on)


Toothpaste & Toothbrush


Snacks:Granola/energy bar, nuts

Hair ties and elastic bands: clear hair ties can serve SO many functions.



What’s in your kit? Thanks for reading!



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